BYFELT was found with an absolute vision to creative and uncompromised solution to a problem of what to wear in cold and warm weather either in a countryside or city surroundings. Such solution has been found: it is our cozy, eco-friendly, and unique footwear which we simply call “BYFELTs.”

Inspiration came from Russian traditional boots made of natural felt. They call them “valenki” in Russia and former countries of Russian Empire. Belarus is one of these countries where we found passionate people combining old traditions and secrets of making felted boots with modern approach to simple, yet unique, design.  

Centuries ago only noble and rich people could afford such boots as they were made by hands and required much precision and time to bring a new born pair to its future owner. Today BYFELT gives you an opportunity to get a pair of lovely boots for you and your loved ones within a few days or even hours.

Only combination of our generous pride of what we do, hard work, unique design, and high-quality natural wool could be reflected in each and every pair of BYFELTs.

BYFELTs – that what your feet want!

Please enjoy watching a video below to appreciate how much energy and effort we put in making each pair of BYFELTs.